Metamorphosis Experiential was created to innovate and push the boundaries of entertainment. Through compelling and broad-reaching stories, our mission is to immerse audiences in ways that bring them into the worlds we create and become participants rather than solely observers. Based in Savannah, GA, we currently have multiple projects in varying stages of development and always look to partner with like-minded individuals or companies. Contact us to learn more.

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Dallas Burgess, Co-Founder

Veteran turned Filmmaker

Director | Writer | Producer

Dallas Burgess is a visionary leader. An artist at an early age, Dallas was an extraordinary Jazz musician and competed in Drum & Bugle Corps. He spent many years as a leader in the military and this fundamental experience has shaped him to be an outstanding director. He does not stick to a genre and is passionate about innovating the art.  His strong vision and direction will create the original and unexpected. He Co-Founded Metamorphosis Experiential with his partner Gianna Velasquez in 2021 to create an infrastructure based in Savannah, GA to start bringing all of their original projects on the slate into the world.


Gianna Velasquez, Co-Founder

Circus Performer turned Filmmaker

Storyteller | Producer

Gianna Velasquez is an entertainment visionary with a focus on creating transformative experiences that stay with people their whole life. It is her obsession to be in tune with these intangible elements surrounding the creation of a masterpiece. Her production experience ranges from theatre, TV and film, to immersive event production. Her diverse background as an artist, an athlete with a chronic illness, a circus performer, a fine dining restaurant manager, and producer have given her unique skills and perspectives celebrated in the entertainment industry. She Co-Founded Metamorphosis Experiential with Dallas Burgess to carry out their innovative vision for entertainment.